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About Us

St. Mary’s is an independent Christian school for children ages 2.5 through 5th grade.  We are made up of remarkable students, parents, teachers, and faculty. We help each child achieve his or her personal best by focusing on the intellectual, spiritual, and social wellness of each of our students.


Our Mission

To Provide Quality Academic Programs in an Environment Fostering Respect for Faith, Family, Others, and Self


Our Philosophy

St. Mary’s educational philosophy is founded on the Episcopal tradition of academic excellence, regular worship, service learning, and physical well-being.  Our purpose is to foster an education that seeks to develop each student academically while providing a values-centered, character-building education to prepare each student to live a creative, humane, and compassionate life, worthy of a child of God. 

Our curriculum combines the best of 21st-century learning skills, offering an ideal learning environment capable of stimulating the fullest potential within each child.  Special care is taken to challenge each child’s unique abilities and interests while guiding all students to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful.

St. Mary's is partnered in ministry with our namesake, St. Mary's Episcopal Church.  Our purpose is to provide for the education, enrichment, and spiritual needs of our students.


Our Size

St. Mary’s is a small school by intent and design. Our size enables us to measure success one child at a time. In this intimate environment, children form positive, life-long relationships with classmates and teachers. Low student-teacher ratios are maintained in an effort to provide individualized and small group instruction. The educational, social, and spiritual foundation students receive at St. Mary’s become building blocks for their future.


Embracing all Faiths

St. Mary’s welcomes families from all faiths. Our Episcopal identity integrates the ideals and concepts of equality and integrity; the embracing and honoring of diversity; and the inclusion of service-learning as an integral part of the life of the school. We celebrate the varied cultures and families who make up our school.

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