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St. Mary's has an important philosophy and mission, an individual style, and an academic and spiritual direction that is the essence of our school - we call it the St. Mary's Way. 

The St. Mary's Way is how we learn, work, and play each day. Our students know they will be challenged in classrooms where it is safe to explore, take risks, and gain confidence. Our students learn by doing, and reach for the highest level of learning. 

We strive to nurture children. The practice of meeting them where they are has been a hallmark of a St. Mary's education since we opened our doors over 45 years ago. Our students are known and celebrated by our faculty and staff, and that sense of belonging preserves a legacy of friendship, commitment, and gratitude. 

Parents also find a home at St. Mary's. We value parent partnerships and are grateful for the support of our parent community through their volunteer leadership and active participation. Many parents continue their connection to St. Mary's and the community they formed here long after their children move on to middle school. 

As an Episcopal School, we exist to prepare our students for lives of purpose. It is a beautiful journey and you, the parents, are our partners every step of the way. We believe in educating the "whole child" and live out our mission by offering strong, balanced programs in academics, arts, and spirituality. The well-rounded education St. Mary's provides allows students to find their passions and give back to the world. 

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope your interest in our school will lead you to visiting our campus so you can discover why so many parents are choosing the St. Mary's Way for their child's education. We would love to welcome you into our family. 

St. Mary's Pride,
Pamela Dockter
Head of School