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Why St. Mary's?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about St. Mary's Episcopal School. We are so happy you're interested in becoming part of our community and look forward to walking alongside you as you choose the right school for your child.

We believe that childhood is a time to cherish and protect. As a preschool (age 2.5) through 5th grade school, our students are afforded the opportunity to celebrate successes, learn from failures, and grow into exceptional young people in an environment supporting faith, character, and community. St. Mary's offers children an educational, social, and emotional foundation that students can build upon for years to come. 

We invite you to look into our academic programs, check out the ways our students are bettering our community through service learning, or browse our before and after school offerings. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, e-mail us with questions, submit an online inquiry, or attend one of our admission events. We hope to have the chance to meet you in person very soon!

Why Preschool - 5th?

At St. Mary's, it is our goal to help children grow, without growing up too quickly. Being a preschool through 5th-grade school affords us the opportunity to truly celebrate children - and childhood.


The environment of a preschool - 5th school is free from the impact of middle school and high school. Elementary school students need a space where they can be goofy and silly - simply put, they need a place where they are free to be children without the pressure of older students. St. Mary's offers children a place where they can grow in an environment designed for childhood. 


At St. Mary's, every child is known. It is important to us as a faculty and staff that we have the ability to get to know each individual child and their families. Our school becomes a great community for students and families as they raise children together, and begin to form life-long bonds and friendships. In our small environment, children feel valued and secure. 


Since we are focused on children in their preschool and elementary years, we are able to devote all of our resources to providing an exceptional experience just for those ages. Our twice-yearly professional development is focused on these years, and parents can rest assured their tuition dollars are directly supporting preschool through 5th-grade programming. 

What Our Parents Say

"St. Mary’s provides small class sizes and hands-on learning in an environment that focuses on academics and character development. It has been an investment worth making."

"The teachers and staff at the school are truly blessings to our family. Each child is appreciated for their individual talents and encouraged to have the confidence to tackle challenges. Sending our children to St. Mary’s has been one the best decisions we have made for our children."

"We really treasure all the teachers and opportunities available both academically and after school. My daughter feels challenged but is positively encouraged to achieve more than she thought she could. She is being well-prepared to meet the academic requirements for the jobs of tomorrow."