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St. Mary's Extracurricular Opportunities

This list is ever-growing and changing as our wonderful faculty come up with new and creative ways to engage with students after school. Check with the front office to learn more about what new opportunities are available.

Archery Club

Students learn how to hold, aim and shoot a bow and arrow. There will be opportunities to participate in archery tournaments throughout the year. Available for 3rd through 5th-grade students.

Art Club

Students Kindergarten through 5th grade enjoy this after school program where they get to specialize in specific art techniques and projects. Let your little artiste express his or her creativity with the arts! Enrollment fees and appropriate forms are due prior to the beginning of class.

A.V. Club

The audio-video club will use their imaginations to write original scripts, shoot, and edit short movies, make funny commercials, and let their creativity shine! Available for 2nd-5th graders. 

Chess and Strategy Game Club

Learn fundamentals of the ancient game of chess as well as strategies used in other favorite games like tic-tac-toe, "Go Fish", "Connect Four", "Pente", "Mancala, "Go", and others. Strategy games help students learn how to plan, react, adjust, and ultimately succeed - not to mention how to have fun! 


Encore is St. Mary’s elite music performance ensemble. Rehearsal is every week and the groups have many performances in school and in the community throughout the year. Encore is for grades 2nd through 5th.

Encore Junior

Encore Junior is for kindergarten through second grade. Students experience the same program but on different rehearsal days. 

French Club

Students in grades 1-5 will learn some basics of the French language, make some tasty French food and enjoy some fun crafts and projects.

Lego Club

Available to students Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade, this club meets on specified days for an hour after school. Students are encouraged to bring their own LEGOs. Parents may drop off clearly labeled containers of LEGOs before school on meeting mornings. Enrollment fees and forms are due prior to the beginning of session.

Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Shea's Monthly Camps

Have a ball each month with Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Shea at one of their monthly themed camps! This year they will be offering: 

My Little Pony Camp (September)
Fall Camp (October)
Superhero Camp (November)
Christmas Camp (December)
Unicorn Camp (January)
Dinosaur Day (February)
Space Camp (February)
Lego Camp (March)
Prince & Princess Camp (April)
Star Wars Camp (May)

Pep Squad

Available to students Kindergarten through 5th grade, the St. Mary's Storm pep squad is here to cheer! Students will learn a cheer routine, work on tumbling skills, and perform at Storm Central throughout the year. 

Pie Class

Mrs. Alltizer will teach how to make pies from scratch - making 6 different pies during the season. Limited to 6 students in grades 2-5. 

The Sewing Guild Levels I and II

Students learn the basics of hand stitching by creating several fun projects such as a pillow, hot pad, or wall-hanging.  Once students have mastered the basics, they will tackle more difficult (but still fun!) projects.

St. Mary's Sing

Think Sister Act meets Glee - the St. Mary's School choir will be singing and performing mash-ups of songs new and old for grades 2-5. They will also record a music video to be shown at Storm Central. 

St. Mary's Strings

St. Mary's Strings is an ensemble class of young musicians. The class is for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Each student must currently be in private lessons or have arrangements to begin prior to the ensemble class. 

Tumbling Club

Preschool-5th grade students will learn the basics of tumbling and gymnastics. 

Kids Yoga

Students will practice yoga poses, breath work techniques, and meditation with Mrs. Harris, certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor. Classes incorporate music, activities and storytelling.