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First through Fifth Grade

Small class sizes and a highly qualified staff provide the attention and instruction needed to bring out the very best in each student. The development of exceptional reading, grammar, spelling, and math skills is the goal for our elementary students.

Our hands-on science program and strong social studies and geography programs complement our core curriculum. Additionally, these fundamental skills are enhanced with instruction in our enrichment areas, including technology, music, Spanish, art, and physical education.

Creating Lifelong Learners

St. Mary's Episcopal School's curriculum incorporates hands-on learning with age-appropriate goals.

Our elementary curriculum focuses on building new knowledge each year with students taking an active role in their own learning. Fun, curiosity, collaboration, and creativity are all valuable aspects of a St. Mary's education. We strive to meet each child where they are, and take them as far as they will go within our advanced coursework.

Maintaining small class sizes allows teachers to give careful attention to individual needs while simultaneously encouraging students to work collaboratively and respectfully with their peers. As students grow, mature, and move towards more abstract inferential thinking and reasoning, the curriculum is broadened to teach important skills in meaningful ways so that students have a strong foundation of knowledge essential for future academic success.

Our enrichment subjects are an integral part of the St. Mary's curriculum and experience. Whether it's designing a new toy to be 3D printed, learning new vocabulary in Spanish, or letting their light shine through musical performance, St. Mary's enrichment opportunities are second to none and a large part of why we have the most well-rounded students in Edmond. 

A St. Mary's education includes:

  • Technology & Coding 
  • Music (including musical performances & productions)
  • Chapel & Religious Education
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Library

Enrichment classes and the opportunity for children to learn from subject experts in each of these areas is a true gift to each St. Mary's student. 

There are so many ways to enhance your student's St. Mary's experience! 

Our incredible faculty offer a variety of clubs and activities each year. These clubs allow children to explore their own unique passions and interests while forming friendships across grade levels. 

Clubs and & activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Art
  • Chess
  • French
  • Pep Squad
  • Tumbling
  • Sewing
  • Lego

For a full list of offerings and descriptions, visit our Clubs & Student Leadership page.

Ready for more?

The best way to see what makes these classrooms so special is to see them in action - inquire today to get your private tour scheduled. We can't wait to meet you!