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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes provide students with the opportunity to discover their talents, explore subjects of interest to them, and have incredible hands-on learning experiences. 

We know that children have more opportunity to discover their own unique passions and talents when exposed to a wide variety of subjects taught by experts who are passionate about their class. 

Enrichment Classes

Beginning in Kindergarten, students receive art instruction from our art teacher weekly.

Art teaches skills that other basic subjects cannot - critical thinking and problem solving, judgment and independence, attention to detail and craftsmanship, and openness to other cultures and ways of thinking. Art extends all curriculum by integrating different subjects in innovative ways, sparking the interest of all students. 

St. Mary's art curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Practicing basic art techniques
  • Learning about imagery
  • Guided art projects
  • 3-dimensional art
  • Art elements such as sculpture, landscape, architecture, and abstract art
  • Studying the art of different time periods and cultures

The St. Mary's School Library is situated in the heart of the school. It is filled not just with wonderful stories but with opportunities to learn, dream and grow. Students are never limited to their weekly visits with their class. Instead, they are reminded that "Library Day is Every Day" and are encouraged to visit whenever time allows. 

The library is managed by Jennifer England-Burnside, MLIS, with help from volunteers.

Useful Resources:

See Mrs. England-Burnside for passwords to access these tools from home.

EBSCO Databases Premium Information Resources  
Worldbook Online  
Britannica School  
Abdo Biographies  
World Languages  
Fact Monster  
A Book a Day  
A Book and a Hug  
Kidz Search  
World Maps  
International Children's Library

Music teaches basic academic skills while also promoting an understanding of language, improving the ability to recall information, and fostering creativity. 

A combination of drama and musical talent takes place at each grade level with every class performing a production annually.

Students experience rhythm, pitch, rhythm instruments, elements of basic music theory, and a number of singing and movement activities. They learn instrumentation, cultural music, composers and their music. Students will be able to produce music with body, voice, and instruments, and read basic music notations. They are exposed to a wide variety of music, musical styles, and performance opportunities.

St. Mary's Music & Theatre Opportunities:

  • Musical Ensembles 
  • Grade-level musical productions
  • Introduction to band and orchestra instruments
  • Experience with auditioning, casting, and set design
  • Broadway-style musical productions
  • Nine Lessons and Carols service

With 51 acres to explore and play, St. Mary's students have no problem staying physically fit in the most fun ways. Our campus is designed to promote physical fitness, and our teachers love getting students outside.

Our preschool and pre-k students participate in physical education led by teaching assistants, following a curriculum that supports gross motor development. Kindergarten through 5th-grade students have PE with our physical education teacher. 

Physical Education Opportunities:

  • Basketball & four square court
  • Gaga Ball
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Climbing wall
  • 3 miles of hiking trails
  • Archery
  • Tumbling
  • Pep Squad
  • Yoga

In addition to regular worship, the spiritual lives of our students are enhanced through additional learning and St. Mary's School traditions. 

Religious Ed classes begin when students are in 3rd grade. During this time students learn about Christianity, as well as other world religions. 

Chapel services are Wednesday mornings for all students and are led by Father Mark Story of St. Mary's Episcopal Church. Students take an active part in chapel services by serving as actors, acolytes, readers, and leaders in these worship services. 

At St. Mary's, Spanish education is a priority from the start. Beginning in preschool, students have Spanish classes with our dedicated Spanish teacher. As students advance through their years at St. Mary's, so does their Spanish education.

A St. Mary's Spanish education includes, but is not limited to:

  • Annual Las Posadas Christmas celebration
  • Mastering basic vocabulary
  • Mastering common phrases and greetings

It is our desire that students not only have an understanding of the Spanish language but also of the cultures of Spanish-speaking people. 

We believe in providing our students with an excellent foundations in technology and coding skills.  

This is achieved through formal computer classes, integrating curriculum with technology and student access to computers, iPads, Chromebooks, interactive boards and coding opportunities.

Beginning in preschool, we are introducing students to coding concepts through age-appropriate apps and toys. By introducing them to coding language at an early age, our goal is that they become confident coders by the time they enter our upper elementary grades.

Students at St. Mary's have access to many forms of technology. As technology changes and advances, so does our technology curriculum.

St. Mary's Technology & Coding Includes, but is not limited to:

  • E-beams and interactive boards in classrooms
  • Coding apps, games, and bots to build coding skills
  • Use of a 3-D printer
  • Chromebooks issued to each 4th and 5th-grade student
  • iPads

St. Mary’s ultimate goal is that students not only love technology but understand how it can be useful in their day to day life.