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Welcome to Our Classroom

At. St. Mary's, students develop a strong academic foundation and are taught with a "growth mindset approach" allowing students to dream big, make (and learn from) mistakes, and work hard to achieve goals.

In their earliest years, your child is learning how to learn. Our early childhood programs are designed to harness the natural curiosity and joy in children. Teachers create a nurturing classroom environment where children feel secure to explore, engage, and learn. 

In first through fifth grade, our students practice and master a higher level of academic challenges while still experiencing the joy and wonder of learning. Teachers design hands-on experiences and direct lessons to provide thinking, engaging conversation, foster relationships, and connect ideas and concepts. 

Throughout our curriculum, teachers encourage creative problem solving, collaboration, and independent thinking. Through the use of class discussion, teachable moments, and individual attention, our faculty nurtures the well-being of our students social, emotional, and behavioral growth. 

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