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KaleidEscape 2021

KaleidEscape Summer Camp is for children ages 3-11.  Each session is one week in length and meets daily from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  You may enroll in any number of sessions (all four or any combination of the four). Campers must be potty-trained and meet the minimum age requirement prior to the week they wish to attend.

Enrollment is open to the public, as well as our current St. Mary's students.  $190/session. Lunch and a midday snack will need to be sent with campers daily. Enrollment is offered on a first-come, first-paid basis. 

SMES COVID protocols will be followed this summer and can be found here. UPDATE: Due to new CDC protocols, fully vaccinated faculty & staff will not be required to wear face coverings. 

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If you would like to be placed on a wait list for any closed specialty camp or week, please e-mail camp director, Victoria Thomason, at


Week 1: June 7-11 "Listen to Your Art"

Junior artists (Preschool & Pre-K):

Preschool & Pre-K campers attending "Listen to Your Art" week will enjoy "A Little of This and a Little of That" as they spend the week creating an art and poetry show, sharing nursery rhymes dressed as their favorite nursery rhyme characters and using props made out of their own cardboard creations. 


If you can think it, you can build it. Prepare your imagination for five days of planning and constructing. Use your imagination to construct a town, a state fair midway, sailing ships, castles, forts, cars, trucks, and more! Your imagination has no limits!

Calling all artists! If drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, and creating is your thing, this is the camp for you! We will use all types of mediums,  materials, and techniques to make the most amazing art!

From basking in the glow of the stage-lights to creating and directing a scene, learn about the theatre from the front of the house where tickets are sold to the back of the house where actors wait to make their grand entrances!

From creating your very own comic book characters to storyboarding, sketching, coloring and publishing, you will create your own comic book and then share your finished masterpiece with your friends. 


Week 2: June 14-18 "MVP Zone"


Junior All-Stars

Preschool & Pre-K campers attending "MVP Zone" week will become our "Junior All-Stars" for the week and experience Superheroes in Action! Design your own or bring your favorite superhero costume to school for the week. Make your very own superhero mask or headpiece. Enjoy singing and dancing to superhero songs while learning encouraging and inspiring lyrics. Visit your friends' classes to share your new look and moves! 

MVP Zone (Kindergarten-5th grade) Specialty Camp OFFerings:

There is a superhero in all of us, and this camp will allow you to figure out what superhero you want to be. What is your superpower, and how would you use it to make our world a better place? After creating their own superheroes, crafts, and costumes, each camper will make a video. We will also invite some real-life superheroes to St. Mary's to talk about how they use their superpowers to help our community. 

This specialty camp is for the beginning sports student who wants to learn the fundamental movement skills of many sports without the pressure of being the only one who doesn't know these basics. Fundamental movement skills are basic movements such as throwing, kicking running, jumping, hopping and catching. Fundamental sport skills are these movement skills applied to an athletic situation: for example, kicking a soccer ball, running a sprint, and catching a baseball. Each day will be spent learning these skills and applying them to basketball, volleyball, track & field, tennis and baseball/softball. 

From somersaults and tripods to handstands, headstands, and cartwheels - this is the camp for you! You will learn the basics of gymnastics while teaching safe and basic tumbling, spatial awareness, large motor skills, balance, and flexibility. This camp is perfect for the child who is always on the move! Learn the basics of gymnastics while having fun with your friends! Activities will focus on basic tumbling, body awareness, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

If you were born with happy feet and your toes start a tappin' whenever you hear a lovely tune, then Dance Club is for you! Come join us as we learn some basic dance moves, line dances, breakdance spins, the waltz, and more!


Week 3: June 21-25 "Globe Trotters"


Junior Trotters (Preschool & Pre-K): 

Preschool & Pre-K campers attending "Globe Trotters" week will enjoy "A Taste Around the World" where they will experience the music, art, clothing, and dance of four different destinations as they journey on their way to exciting and exotic locales.  

Globe Trotters (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) Specialty Camp Options:

Let’s make a musical cacophony of happy noise! Each student will learn about the four families of instruments: strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, make some joyful noises, and make a musical instrument to take home at the end of the week. 

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Join us as we transform St. Mary’s into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Fun will be unending during our time at Hogwarts as we search for and design wands, sort into houses, play Quidditch, adopt animal companions, enjoy sweet treats from the wizarding world, brew special ‘potions’ and conjure up magical dishes!

No Muggles Allowed!

What better way to spend the summer than to visit countries across the globe? Five days in five different countries sounds marvelous, especially since our time travel machine keeps us from getting jet-lag! Five art projects, five foreign foods, and five foreign languages in which to say hello and goodbye - sign me up, friend! (Or freund, or ven, or get the picture!)

Traverse our campus, take notes on how to best create the ultimate treasure hunt. Create the cryptic clues, make the maps and invent decodable codes. Have your friends solve your mystery and then you solve theirs. Unlock the secrets to our KaleidEscape Treasures!


Week 4: June 28-July 2 "Destination Science"


Junior scientists (Preschool & Pre-K):

Preschool & Pre-K campers attending "Destination Science" week will become our "Junior Scientists" for the week and will enjoy a week setting up their very own animal clinic. 

There are many "injured" stuffed animals that need plenty of TLC and doctoring! Preschool & Pre-K campers will spend their days "building" a vet clinic, "making" first aid kits, and "healing" their sweet stuffies! They will learn the best ways to heal loveys with bandages, poultices, and stitches while learning actual basic first aid skills. 


Learn, discover, and explore more than you ever thought possible about our 51-acre campus. Discover how important biodiversity is to our everyday life. Learn about food chains and food webs and play games like Hoppit to learn what happens when the balance of an ecosystem is upset by outside forces.

Calling all scientists! If you are the child who loves asking (and learning) why, have we got a week full of fascinating, disgusting, amazing, icky, sticky, and tricky science experiments that will teach you many of the things you have always wanted to know. 

Let's journey to the planets, the stars, the Milky Way, and beyond! Learn the history of space exploration and create your own rocket that you will be able to shoot to the moon! 

Get ready to collaborate with your teammates to design and create your very own Lego City. Campers will use their imaginations and previously - or newly - acquired Lego construction skills and team-building skills to develop their dream city! 

Summer Adventures

Explore hands-on learning!

Hands-on activities, slime experiments, art and cultural influences, grossology in nature, alien-like creatures, the science behind how things work, outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, and much more! 

What keeps a building from falling in an earthquake? Can you design and build a building that can withstand an earthquake? What makes a paddleboat go - design your own boat and find out! Explore various types of art and design. Campers will create a different project each day. Weaving, stained-glass, candle making, bird feeders, wind chimes, campfire activities, painting and more. Different fun activities planned for each week! 

Summer Adventures Camp runs Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  Ages 3-12. $190/session. 
Session 1: July 12-16
Session 2: July 19-23

Session 3: July 26-30

Price includes all supplies and special sign-up projects daily. Lunch, snacks & water bottle must be brought from home each day. 

SMES COVID protocols will be followed this summer and can be found here

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Preschool Practice Camp

Preschool Practice Camp is for students entering 3 or 5 day preschool at St. Mary's in the fall of 2021. 

Preschoolers will be introduced to daily activities such as morning meeting, calendar, learning centers, individualized instruction, and outdoor learning. Campers will conduct science experiments, cook together, and make adorable crafts. We will discuss lunch procedures and expectations. Please send a lunch with your child. 

Parents will also practice our carpool procedures at the end of each day. 

Date: August 3-5
Time: 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. 
Location: Preschool Classrooms
Price: $120/camper

Register here for Preschool Practice Camp


3D Printing & Coding Camp

Campers will create and code their own programs and games in a variety of coding languages. Campers will also build a foundation in 3D modeling as they design and print their very own 3D creations. 

Join the fun with SMES technology director Mrs. Sutch July 12-16th. 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. For children entering 2nd-6th grade. $200. 

SMES COVID Protocols will be followed this summer and can be found here

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KaleidEscape At-A-Glance

  • Ages 3 (must be potty trained) - 5th Grade
  • Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • $190/session