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Annual Fund


What is the Annual Fund? Where do the dollars go?

The programs that truly set St. Mary's apart are supported through our Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the difference between what a family pays in tuition and what it actually costs to educate a student at St. Mary's School

Your support of the Annual Fund is vital in preparing our students for the challenges of the future by providing programs that support our ever-changing world of technology, science, engineering and mathematics. The Annual Fund supports are physical education, Spanish, and music programs. 

With money raised through the Annual Fund, we are able to purchase the latest advancement in the curriculum while providing the flexibility needed to address the day-to-day operations of our school. 

Your dollars to the Annual Fund has an immediate impact on every student's St. Mary's experience. Your gift to the Annual Fund takes the education offered at St. Mary's from ordinary to extraordinary and unique. 

What kinds of donations can I make?

A gift to St. Mary's can be as simple as making a pledge to be paid throughout the year or writing a check. A secure online donation can be made using your credit card. Other kinds of donations include gifts of stock and matching gifts by an employer.

Our Goal

The Annual Fund is all about us working together as a community - a community that loves our children and our children's classmates. Your participation matters! Our goal is that every family considers a gift to the Annual Fund. When you consider giving to the Annual Fund, please prayerfully think about each and every child, parent, teacher, faculty member, and the recipients of our various service learning programs.

When you consider giving

Please consider that each and every day your child, grandchild, or family friend happily goes to school in an environment that is safe, stimulating, fun, unique, and a place where they will thrive.  St. Mary's is an exceptional school where academic excellence and timeless spiritual truths combine and reach the hearts of children every day. 

St. Mary's is where friends are made and concepts are mastered, where we look back at years spent with love and gratitude, and we look forward with excitement and anticipation of the years to come. 

Your contribution will truly help throughout every season and every day of the year. 

We sincerely appreciate and accept your gift with gratitude.