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St. Mary's Technology Education

We believe in providing our students with an excellent technology and coding foundation.  This is achieved through formal computer classes, integrating curriculum with technology and student access to computers, iPads, Chromebooks, interactive boards and coding opportunities. 

Beginning in preschool, we are introducing students to coding concepts through age-appropriate apps and toys. By introducing them to coding language at an early age, our goal is that they become confident coders by the time they enter our upper elementary grades.

Students at St. Mary's have access to many forms of technology. As technology changes and advances, so does our technology curriculum. 

St. Mary's technology curriculum includes:

  • E-beams and interactive boards in classrooms
  • Coding apps, games, and bots to build coding skills
  • Use of a 3-D printer
  • Chromebooks issued to each 4th and 5th-grade student
  • iPads
  • Virtual Reality Headsets

St. Mary’s ultimate goal is that students not only love technology but understand how it can be useful in their day to day life.