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Pre-Kindergarten at St. Mary's

Pre-Kindergarten is a developmental program that builds on skills and experiences from the preschool year. It is designed to stimulate growth in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and cognitive skills. Concepts are introduced through learning centers, group activities, and teacher-directed activities.

Our curriculum develops a strong foundation for successful learning to prepare children for our St. Mary’s kindergarten.

pre-k special events

  • Edmond Fire Station
  • Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch 
  • Orr Family Farm, Jasmine Moran Children's Museum, or Stephen Fite educational concert.
  • Spring Music Program and Art Walk

pre-k enrichment classes

  • Computer Lab                             
  • Chapel
  • Spanish                                         
  • Music
  • Library                                           
  • Physical Education 
  • Science with SMES Science Teacher
  • Full STEAM Ahead Rotations

pre-k curriculum

The goal of Language Arts in Pre-Kindergarten is to improve language development through oral language and communication skills. Many opportunities are provided to build vocabulary and conversation skills. Children learn to link words together in sentences to express and relate ideas and experiences, as well as understand and analyze our world. Written language is developed through dictation, a print-rich environment, and hands-on reading and writing centers.

St. Mary’s Pre-Kindergarten Math Curriculum is built upon children’s natural curiosity and desire to touch, examine and manipulate the objects they find around them.  Experiences are provided using concrete objects and pictures for the child to recognize similarities and differences, classify objects and shapes, recognize and create patterns in a sequence of objects, and make comparisons of objects using simple measurement skills.  Children are engaged in activities to provide a basic understanding of mathematical language and numerical symbols. 

St. Mary's Pre-Kindergarten social studies curriculum focuses on the awareness of the child as an individual, as well as being a member of a family unit, a school, and a wider community through a variety of themed activities. They have hands-on experiences using puppets, books, puzzles, games, costumes, and activities to become aware of differences and similarities in our culture and the cultures of others around the world. 

St. Mary’s Pre-Kindergarten science curriculum is a concrete approach to learning the fundamental concepts of science. Children are exposed to weekly demonstrations on a wide range of topics.  These topics include but are not limited to the human body, physical science, electricity, sound vibration, and weather.  Building on these experiences, children can progress from describing and explaining what is observed, to making predictions based on those observations.

The Pre-Kindergarten Visual Arts curriculum focuses not only on producing art, but also on examining and appreciating examples of various art forms. The use of various media and techniques provides rich opportunities for sensory exploration and manipulation, as well as the development of fine motor skills.

Music in the classroom focuses on listening to, enjoying and appreciating music in all its various forms, as well as producing music. Singing and moving to songs and finger plays provides opportunities to practice oral language, as well as build gross and fine motor skills.