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Physical Education

Physical Education at St. Mary's

private elementary school St. Mary's has been awarded the “Active Lifestyle Model School” award from the President’s Challenge and The President's Council on Physical Activity and Fitness and Physical Fitness Oklahoma State Champions. 

The campus playground is designed to promote physical fitness. Surrounded by basketball/four-square court, and football/soccer field, our play equipment, including the one of a kind traverse wall, is specially designed for physical fitness. A baseball/softball field is also a popular spot as well as over 3 miles of hiking/cross country trails.

Our second through fifth grade students are challenged each year to join the "100-Mile Club". Their challenge is to run 100 miles at recess over the course of the year. Students who complete their miles by May receive special recognition from St. Mary's teachers and their peers. 

Additionally, after-school programs such as archery are offered to round out student activity. Our students work and play hard to be physically fit.