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Music at St. Mary's

Music teaches basic academic skills while also promoting an understanding of language, improving the ability to recall information, and fostering creativity.

Music opportunities at St. Mary's

  • St. Mary's Sing
  • Grade-level musical productions
  • Introduction to band and orchestra instruments
  • Experience with auditioning, casting, and set design
  • Broadway-style musical productions
  • Nine Lessons and Carols service

A combination of drama and musical talent takes place at each grade level with every class performing a production annually.

Students experience rhythm, pitch, rhythm instruments,  elements of basic music theory, and a number of singing and movement activities. They learn about orchestral families, cultural music, composers and their music. Students will be able to produce music with body, voice, and instruments, and read basic music notations. They are exposed to a wide variety of music, musical styles, and performance opportunities.