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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade at St. Mary's

4th grade student radio stationThe fourth grade curriculum builds upon their completion of third grade at St. Mary’s, integrating language arts, math, science, and geography/history into units of fun and vigorous instruction.

As emerging leaders, our fourth grade students assist with our weekly assembly, "Storm Central" and broadcast twice daily on our radio station, K-Storm. 

Fourth Grade Enrichment Classes

Fine Arts (Visual and Music)
Physical Education
Religious Education/Chapel

Fourth Grade Special Events

Rock Climbing
Research Famous Oklahomans
K-Storm Radio
Ardmore Train Trip

Fourth Grade Curriculum

Students study Shurley English, poetry, fiction/drama, speeches, saying/phrases and spelling/vocabulary. Additionally, they produce a variety of written works by going through the writing process and publishing their final copy by having it displayed in the hallways. The students take part in novel studies on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, Pollyanna, King Arthur, Robin Hood, My side of the Mountain, and Wher the Red Fern Grows.

Students investigate mathematical equations/terminology through EnVision Math. The students participate in Rocket Math to help speed up their problem-solving skills. Both of these programs build the foundation of mathematical knowledge that challenges students to a higher-order thinking level that incorporates critical problem-solving.

The curriculum is a hands-on approach through direct laboratory and outdoor experiences for learning the fundamental processes of science through observing, classifying, analyzing, predicting, investigating, etc. Students create their own individual models of the earth, make rock candy, develop mini submersibles (submarines), explore many more experiments as well as participate in the Science Fair. Various TEAM activities are also done in the students' homeroom class.

Using the Pearson Learning Core Knowledge textbook, the students are able to travel back in time to different parts of the world in order to study individuals, places, and events through the use of an Interactive Notebook. Units of study include the Middle Ages, the Spread of Islam, African Kingdoms, and the Dynasties of China. Instruction also includes the American Revolution, Early American Presidents, and Oklahoma History.