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The St. Mary's Way

The St. Mary's Way


elementary school We promote kindness and offer encouragement and comfort to others.

We are always courteous and polite to other students and staff members and greet others by saying their names.

We make eye contact when someone is speaking or when shaking someone’s hand.

We celebrate the success of classmates and appropriately cheer each other to succeed.

We encourage others to do their very best.

We respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas during discussions by using phrases such as, “I agree with, I disagree with, she made a good point but I feel”…. etc.

We ask a question in return if asked a question in conversation such as “Did you have a nice weekend?" “Yes, I went to the movie. Did you have a nice weekend?." This shows others that we are just as interested in them as they are in us.

We speak in complete sentences and address one another by name, demonstrating mutual respect, and common courtesy.

We never laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use sarcasm or putdowns.


best elementary school edmond We use good manners, saying “please", "thank you", and “excuse me” and allow others to go first

We respond to adults in the following manner, “yes/no ma’am" or “yes/no sir” or "yes/no Mrs. /Mr."

We say "Yes please" or "No thank you” when served (during snack or lunch time).

We always say thank you when someone gives us something or helps us.

We always write thank you notes (as students or classrooms) whenever possible and necessary.


private school edmondWe follow classroom procedures and strive to be organized, efficient, and on task.

We do not complain about homework, project, reading etc. assignments.

We always treat a substitute teacher with respect and follow the established classroom and school rules and procedures.

We turn in homework, reports, and projects as assigned with no excuses.


christian school edmond We always act reverently in Chapel.

We walk inside instead of running.

We use quiet voices in the hallways, at lockers, while getting a drink or walking to the restroom.

We get in line without bumping, pushing, or bothering the students in front and behind us.

We walk from one classroom to another, quietly in single file, facing forward with arms to our side.

We do not cut in front of others in line.

We get settled/calm when coming into the school from the playground or outdoor areas.

We always walk around the group and not through it when seated with a group on the floor and are called to come forward or lineup.

We always push in chairs when leaving the desk, table, center etc.

We serve as door holders and line leaders. We serve as classroom greeters, someone who greets visitors and makes visitors to our classroom feel welcome and comfortable.

We do not save seats in the lunchroom, at tables or any other group gatherings.

We use appropriate lunchroom manners (to be established as enforceable) and we clean up our area after we eat.

We always flush toilets, wash our hands, and throw paper towels in the trash can in the restrooms.

We use our best manners on field trips and/or whenever we are in the community representing our school. When we are on a field trip, there will be no talking as we enter a building.


elementary school edmondWe perform random acts of kindness. We look for opportunities to go out of our way to do something kind and generous for someone else and to help one another whenever possible.

We always take very good care of our school and materials and put things back where they were found.

We are not expected to be rewarded for good behavior. Our attitude should be to always try to be good and do our best without expecting something in return.

We assume responsibility for our own behavior knowing our choices will determine consequences.

We strive to be positive and enjoy our day at school.

We will always be honest even if we have done something wrong.

We will be the best person we can be!