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Our Campus

Since 1977, it has been is our joy and privilege to serve our community as a private elementary school and preschool in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Our 51-acre campus includes a wide variety of outdoor learning opportunities unique to the Oklahoma City metro area. Our campus features hiking trails and ponds where students are given the opportunity to supplement their formal classroom education. As the students become older, they begin to understand how interdependent our ecosystems are and how personal responsibility and science play a vital role in preserving God’s creation. This becomes an important platform for teaching science, math and even writing skills.

No other school campus can offer students the opportunity to interact with their natural surrounding like St. Mary’s. Our school was one of the first to add an outdoor classroom (adjacent to Taylor Hall) where students have the opportunity to study math, science, music, fine arts and language arts in an area designed by our teachers to promote interaction with nature. This safe enclosed space is not a playground but rather a bridge from the indoor classroom to our short grass prairie setting.

Additionally, our campus includes both a first-class Little League field and a field designed for youth Football, Soccer, and Lacrosse. With our prior successes and forward-momentum, one can imagine why we are so excited about the future of St. Mary's School.