Annual Giving Fund 2016-2017


St. Mary's Episcopal School exists today because in 1977 St. Mary's Vestry united and voted to purchase a privately owned Episcopal school housed in St. Mary's Church. St. Mary's Church members, teachers, parents and civic-minded friends created a unique and exceptional school; a Christian school-a place where academic excellence and timeless spiritual truths would combine and reach the hearts of children every day.  We are forever grateful for 40 years of dedication, commitment and hard work.


The Annual Fund supports everything on campus; it is the difference between what a family pays in tuition and fees and what it actually costs to support and educate a student at St. Mary’s School.

Every year, we ask our trustees, friends, families, faculty, staff and alumni to make an Annual Fund contribution.  Contributions to the annual fund provide the essential dollars needed for special programs, well-trained faculty, innovative curricula and long-term facilities maintenance that are not covered by tuition.

Your annual fund dollars help keep tuition increases as small as possible, keeping St. Mary’s within reach for as many families as possible.


An exceptional dedicated and well-trained faculty and staff

Innovative and outstanding curricula that facilitates excellence in education

Access to 21st century learning tools in every classroom

Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Science lab, and Art to enrich students’ learning  experience

Enhancing our beautiful 51 acre campus and outdoor classroom


Every gift, large or small, is vital to the success and advancement of the school.      

$10,000 and above

$5,000 - $9,999

$2,500 - $4,999

$1,000 - $2,499

$500 - $999

$250 - $499

$100 - $249

$25- $99

Please prayerfully consider your family’s gift to the annual fund and know you are making a difference.

We sincerely appreciate and accept your gift with gratitude.