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Our Community

We began educating children in 1977 as a small preschool and kindergarten sponsored by St. Mary’s Episcopal Church at First and University in Edmond.  We were well known by many Edmond residents as the “second best place to home” for young children to begin their school experience.  As these young children became elementary school aged, their parents realized that they wanted their children to continue to receive the care, attention, and nurturing they had experienced in preschool.  This same desire launched our vision to become a preschool through fifth grade school. 

The inaugural first grade class was formed in 1989 with 13 children.  That class and many others behind them have seen dozens of National Merit Scholars, class presidents, honor roll members, artists and actors. As one of our National Merit Scholars quotes:

“St. Mary’s gave me the gift of a strong foundation for which I can’t even begin to appreciate. Each and every one of my successes has its roots in St. Mary’s – still the best school of all!”

-Elizabeth Threlkeld, Class of 1998

“I started at St. Mary's in kindergarten and have loved every grade.  I love the teachers and that the school is not too big.  When I finish school, I want to come back and be a 4th grade teacher at St. Mary's!

-Joshua Hamilton, Class of 2014

“Our children are receiving a superior education, invaluable social/emotional skills and spiritual guidance.  It is a wonderful feeling as parents to know that our children are not only studying an excellent curriculum but also learning important life qualities that will sustain them through their life journey.” 

-Jamie Kalcich, parent

"Patsy and I don't have enough words to tell you how happy we are knowing that it was a great decision to have sent our daughter to St. Mary's. She has adapted to middle school with ZERO difficulties! You guys did an amazing job academically, socially, and spiritually. We can assure you that she did not feel behind in a single subject. GREAT JOB ST. MARY'S!!!"

-Alfredo Mantilla, parent of a St. Mary's graduate