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We believe in providing our students with excellent computer building blocks.  This is achieved through formal computer classes, integrating curriculum with technology and student access to computers.  Beginning in 1st grade, each class has scheduled weekly computer class with the computer lab teacher plus scheduled computer lab time with the student’s classroom teacher.  All students have access to iPads and Chromebooks for use during their regular classroom time and as needed during Enrichment classes.  Each fifth grade student has a dedicated Chromebook for use during the school year.  Students also further their curriculum and technology skills by using the eBeam Edge Interactive Whiteboards in their classrooms.

The computer curriculum for the 1st –5th graders is a progressive program building year to year.  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have access to student computers in their classrooms as well as weekly visits to our computer lab with their classroom teachers.  Computer technology at this level is a tool to enhance learning skills in the areas of phonemic awareness, reading and math skills, and beginning keyboarding strategies.

St. Mary’s ultimate goal is that the use of computer technology will become a fundamental component of each student’s academic experience. 

As quoted in the Final Report from the Computer Science Teachers Association Task Force:

“It is clear to us that whatever is achieved in high school depends upon the effectiveness of student access to technology and achievement of computer-related learning milestones at the elementary level.  So if elementary schools provide students with these first building blocks of computer fluency, secondary schools will be able to implement more comprehensive computer science programs themselves.”