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Second Grade

Second grade is a transitional year at St. Mary’s.  Students “cross the rotunda” and join the upper elementary students, use a locker and attend chapel twice weekly. They also experience Service Learning Council and add an instructional technology class to their weekly schedule. The second grade curriculum builds upon their completion of first grade at St. Mary’s and integrates language arts, math, social studies and science into units of fun and exciting learning.

Language Arts
Consists of productive thinking, communication, forecasting, decision-making, and planning and includes:  Handwriting  Spelling/Phonics; Literature Reading; Vocabulary; Short Novel Studies; Speaking; Grammar; and Composition

Students study Everyday Mathematics (EDM) building a foundation of mathematical knowledge that in time enables students to move from the basics to higher-order thinking and critical problem solving. Rocket Math supplements the EDM curriculum.

Social Studies/History/Geography 
Students explore their role as individuals in their community and country. They will combine social studies and geography by using the Map Essentials skills book by National Geographic and other geography and history resource materials. 

Students participate in a hands-on approach to learning the fundamental processes of science. Through direct classroom and outdoor experiences, students will be exposed to observing, measuring, recording, classifying, interpreting, analyzing, inferring, predicting, and investigating. Focus will be given to earth/space, life and physical sciences.

E-Beam technology enhances all 2nd Grade Curriculum

What to Expect From a 2nd Grader

  • Seven is an intense age where children are driven by curiosity and a strong internal desire to invent.They love to discover how things work.
  • They are hard workers, can be perfectionists and they adore erasers.
  • They appreciate routine and structure, and still love to be read to.
  • They can be moody and sulky and need space and opportunities for quiet areas for reading or working.
  • Even though they love board games and working together on puzzles, don’t always do well on group projects.
  • The second grader can concentrate more on independent work and love to create their own stories.
  • Socially, second graders may change friendships quickly and/or feel that “nobody likes me!”Their feelings need to be protected.
  • Because their visual skills begin to focus more on small details, their writing, drawings etc. can become microscopic.

To Challenge and Enhance the 2nd Grader’s Experience, They Will Have

  • More opportunities for independent work and time to reflect on their learning
  • More sophisticated reading and history studies because they begin to show great interest in developing their vocabulary
  • Less partner or group reading and more individual reading for longer periods of time
  • More non-fiction books and lengthier chapter books leading to more written and reading comprehension assignments
  • More writing assignments with beginning, middle and endings
  • More intensive phonics and grammar work to supplement their reading
  • More complex concepts in math computation with basic skills, money and time, fractions, and mental math
  • Opportunities to enhance learning of natural scientific topics and exploring other cultures and geography

Enrichment Classes                                                 Special Events/Activities
Library                                                                           Monthly AR celebrations
Spanish                                                                         Field trip to Oklahoma Children’s Theatre and Harn Homestead
Music                                                                             Service Learning
Art                                                                                  Making pumpkin pancakes
Physical Education                                                   
Technology Education
Reflex Math