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What to Expect From Our Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten is a developmental program that builds on skills and experiences from the preschool year. It is designed to stimulate growth in the areas of fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and cognitive skills. Concepts are introduced through learning centers, group activities, and teacher-directed activities.

Our curriculum develops a strong foundation for successful learning to prepare children for our St. Mary’s kindergarten.

Pre-K Offerings

We offer full-day (8:15-2:15) and half-day (8:15-11:05) five days/week

Extended hour, before and after school options

St. Mary's Private Pre-K Curriculum

Energizing Readiness – Reading readiness through weekly Nursery Rhymes. Includes memorization and phonemic activities that coordinate with a letter of the week.

Handwriting Without Tears – Includes improving fine motor skills by creating letters and numbers with play-doh, Stamp-n-See screens, chalk/whiteboards, and household items; eventually writing letters in their first handwriting schoolbook.

Everyday Math & Get Set for School – Discovery of how we use numbers and math in our everyday lives.

  • Calendar time reinforces number sense, counting, and patterning
  • Nursery Rhymes are learned to reinforce the number of the week
  • Manipulatives are used to enhance one-to-one correspondence and simple addition and subtraction concepts

Social Studies – Discovery of our world through bi-monthly themed units; including the study of continents

Full STEAM AheadFocuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with a weekly rotation through each early childhood teacher's room. 

Science – Discovery of the world around them by utilizing the outdoor classroom and nature walks on the trails; learning how their bodies function; plant and animal life cycles.

Computer Lab                             Chapel
Spanish                                          Music
Library                                           Physical Education - Perceptual Motor Program

Special Activities and Enrichments

Field trips

  • Edmond Fire Station
  • Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch 
  • Orr Family Farm, Jasmine Moran Children's Museum, or Stephen Fite educational concert.

Art activities, musical instruments, geography & cultural studies

What to Expect from a Pre-Kindergarten Student

  • Increased independence
  • Increased socialization with a larger variety of friends
  • Improved listening skills
  • Loves to be read to and loves being a storyteller
  • More easily redirected from inappropriate behaviors
  • Loves learning to work together
  • Ready for prewriting skill development
  • Constantly reading his/her environment – a great time to label objects
  • Creation of THEIR classroom and increased responsibility