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First Grade

First grade offers a wonderful blend of learning and fun with a comprehensive curriculum built upon the completion of kindergarten. Our program establishes the highest yet most realistic expectations for our students in terms of curriculum, responsibilities, emotional, and social learning skills.

Reading/Language Arts
The emphasis of first grade Language Arts is to improve communication skills through activities that involve listening, reading, writing, speaking, creative and critical thinking skills. Structure handwriting, phonics and grammar skills are introduced along with book reports and journal writing.

A rigorous math curriculum, Everyday Mathematics, builds a foundation of mathematical knowledge that in time enables students to move from the basics to higher-order thinking and critical problem solving. Rocket Math, a basic math-facts program and “Arithmetic Done Daily” are also included.

Students focus on living things and their habitat, ocean and undersea life, the human body, an introduction to electricity, the solar system, and planet Earth. The science curriculum is a hands-on approach to learning the fundamental processes of science. Projects for solar system and animal habitats also enrich the curriculum.

Students will be introduced to early world civilization and modern culture studies as well as key components of American history. Units on ancient Egypt and modern Mexico are also included.

E-Beam technology enhances Math, Science, Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts.

Enrichment Classes                                   Special Activities & Events

Music                                                                Musical Program
Physical Education                                       Osteology Museum
Technology Education                                Oklahoma Science Museum & Planetarium
Library Education                                         Mom's Springtime Tea and Dads & Donuts Mini Concert
Chapel                                                             Gingerbread Houses & Fairytale Unit
Spanish                                                            Zoo Trip
Art                                                                     Hatch chickens
                                                                           Service Learning trip to Free to Live Animal Shelter