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A St. Mary's Kid

Are we describing your child?

They're Creative

St. Mary's kids are constantly using their imaginations. From art, to music, to exploring our campus, our students stay active with creative play and learning. 


They're Confident

Whether it's giving a presentation to fellow students and parents, or performing during our school assembly, St. Mary's kids are sure of their abilities and know they are in a safe place to try new things.


They're Compassionate

A St. Mary's kid is eager to help, give, and take care of the world around them. From service learning to the "St. Mary's Way" our students learn to be kind and caring citizens.


They're Curious

Our 51-acre campus allows St. Mary's kids to explore and connect with nature. St. Mary's kids will ask questions, and our small size allows us to tailor any curriculum to meet a particular child's interests. 


They're Kids

At the heart of it, St. Mary's kids are kids. They learn best from hands-on experiences. Our incredible resources allows each child to discover and pursue his or her individual passions.