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Our school culture is reflected in regular worship, high expectations, service projects, and parent involvement. Students, their families, staff members, and all who enter our doors are valued and respected.

Every child at St. Mary’s has daily opportunities to discover the world around them. All of this is done in an environment where making mistakes and thinking outside the box are not only encouraged, but considered an invaluable part of the learning process.

From the preschool years to upper elementary, teachers take the time to set the example of how classmates, parents, and staff should be treated. We have found that taking extra time to discuss and model positive behaviors is key to setting the stage for a lifetime of respectful attitudes.

We have a “St. Mary’s Way”, a philosophy of positive behavior, to guide all of our students toward becoming responsible, caring contributors in this world. We teach to the whole child allowing the spiritual, social, and emotional aspects of our students’ learning to develop concurrently with academic development.